Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Persona 3 Cosplay Makeup Tutorial - Minato Arisato / Makoto Yuki

After completing Persona 3 a few weeks ago (and crying HARD at the ending) I wanted to cosplay the main character, Minato. (or Makoto, seriously why does he have many names xD)
 I started with Geo Tricolor Blue lenses - one in one out so you can see the difference.
 I used a dark blue eyeshadow to fill in my eyebrows.
 I then used foundation and set it with powder.

 I then contoured the sides of my face and nose.
 I concealed my lips using concealer.
 And drew in the creases with a brown eyeshadow.
 I used eyeliner next, trying to follow the shape of his eyes.
I mostly used this image to help me with the eyeliner.

 Two little lines on the lids for 'dat anime look'. Don't forget to seal everything with a translucent powder.
Then I finished with a little mascara.
 So here's my finished cosplay! I'm rather proud of this one.
 Even more proud of the evoker I made! I followed this tutorial.

That's it for the tutorial, it's pretty similar to my others tbh but I really wanted to share my newest cosplay on my blog too ;o;

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Male Cosplay Makeup Tutorial - Persona 5 Protagonist Cosplay

Of course I would cosplay a character from a game that isn't due out for a few months, when we know almost nothing about the character or his personality :')
I'm gonna show you how I did my makeup for this cosplay, this can also be adapted for other characters.
 I'm using Neo Dali Brown lenses I got as a free gift from Honeycolor a while ago. I'm unsure about the actual colour of his eyes, and since I don't have any other lenses suitable I went with these. I started with a base of foundation before starting. I also filled in my brows with brown eyeshadow.
 Next I did some contouring! I contoured the hollows of my cheeks, slightly around my jaw line and under my chin, the temples of my forehead, and the sides of my nose.
 Then it's time to conceal those lips and make them look masculine! I used CosCos lip concealer (ordered though shopping service, see my blog post on this here) but you can also use normal concealer or foundation. Be sure to moisturise your lips fully before doing this as it is very drying!
 Apply just like a lip gloss, just don't add too much.
 Blend out with a sponge or your fingers.
 I used brown eyeshadow in the creases of my lips to add definition.
 I looked somewhat like this after that. If you wanted,  you could leave it like that, but for the anime look I recommend some eyeliner~
 I used a little white eyeliner in my waterline.
 And used my felt pen eyeliner to draw thin lines. Somewhat like this...

 I also used an eyeliner to add little lines on my lids for the classic anime look.
 Be sure to set everything with a translucent powder so the eyeliner doesn't smudge over the course of the day. Mine lasted very well and I didn't need to reapply it!
I also used a small amount of mascara to set my lashes.

And here is my final cosplay! I'm quite proud of this, even though I didn't make it, I sourced the different elements without having to buy a premade costume (which aren't even available yet) There's some innacuracies with the costume, but I'm recognisable at least and that's the main thing!

And here's a flower crown photo because my friend said he needed one :')

I hope you enjoyed, if you like my cosplay I would love it if you checked out my World Cosplay account: http://worldcosplay.net/member/frainy

Monday, 9 February 2015

Rise Kujikawa Persona 4 Cosplay Makeup Tutorial + Cosplay Update!

Hey guys, it's time for another cosplay makeup tutorial! This time I'm cosplaying Rise from Persona 4, so I thought I'd take progress photos when doing her makup test.
Stay tuned for a cosplay update of the Persona kind!
 I started with Geo Bambi Chocolate Brown lenses, mostly because they're the only brown ones I had on hand, but they looked pretty good!
 I then did a base of foundation, also slightly covering my lips, and darkened and filled my eyebrows to match the wig.
I mostly used this picture (on the back of my phone case) as a reference for her eyes.
 I was trying out a different eyeliner, a felt tip pen kind, so it took a bit of practice but is good for the tiny details in the corners of my eyes.
 I set the eyeliner with translucent powder to make sure it didn't rub off all over my eyelids.
 Two little lines on my lids add to the anime effect. Remember to set with translucent powder!
 When doing the lines on the lower lids, I also drew on some tiny eyelashes.
 Next I used some false lashes (I like Red Cherry)
Finally I added some pink lipstick to complete the look!
 And now for the cosplay update! Of course Rise is the first one...
 I still need to get her pink glasses ;D
And my crossdress Yu Narukami cosplay happened!
 I'll be wearing this to Sunderland Comic Con!
I will be doing a tutorial for Yu's makeup too when I get his male version wig in :3
The skirt turned out pretty good as well, I had to dye it grey, but it turned a little more blue than I expected xD
And finally, here is a cosplay test page for the new Persona 5 Protagonist! I've been obsessed with the trailer since it was released last week, I knew I had to cosplay the new guy ;D
The brown wig I had already ordered with my male Yu one, just as a wig to play about with but it ended up being perfect for this cosplay omg. The white top came with my Rise cosplay, I can re purpose it for this cosplay too. Everything else came from Ebay :3

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